Top 20 NuGet workflow Packages

Non-core implementations for Deeply based on CsvHelper and Autofac
A Banzai extension for serializing workflows to JSON
biz.dfch.CS.Activiti.Client ======================== C#/.NET Client for the [Activiti Workflow Engine]( d-fens GmbH, General-Guisan-Strasse 6, CH-6300 Zug, Switzerland ## Download * Get it on [NuGet]( * See [Relea...
Workflow Foundation (.Net 4.x System.Activities workflows) over Microsoft Orleans framework, providing stable, long-running, extremely scalable processes with XAML designer support.
Extends the Umbraco FormEditor to have an option to run custom actions
An extension to Umbraco Forms to allow for emails to be sent conditional upon values set in a form.
A lightweight library for designing and executing workflows through .NET
Synapse.Core supports integration for building/executing Synapse Plans. This is the unsigned version of the package.
Common assembly for Microsoft Dynamics Workflow development.
FlowWright .Net API package
A .NET framework for composing, evaluating, inspecting and persisting computational experiments which are represented as a dataflow.
MindFusion.Diagramming adds to applications the ability to create and present flowchart and process diagrams, workflow and data flow charts, database entity-relationship diagrams, organizational and classification charts, hierarchy and relationship diagrams, networks, graphs, trees, and more. The b...
Content Management Framework
Extends Workflows.NET library to adapt steps that do not inherit from Step<T> class. Allows improved testability and less coupling to Workflows.NET library
Synapse.Enterprise.Api.Common supports integration for managing a Synapse database store.
Serilog Library for Banzai
Core classes for the Endeavor Workflow Engine
The activity pack contains a set of WF activities based on Windows Azure Storage Service and Windows Azure AppFabric Caching Service, which enables developers to easily access these Azure services within a workflow application. For more information, please visit
WFE is a framework to extend Workflow Foundation 4.5 with a large toolbox of activities (WCF, Twitter, Azure, Network, Math...)
Use GoXam for Silverlight to create directed and undirected graphs, network diagrams, flowcharts, workflow diagrams, entity relationship diagrams, BPMN and BPEL applications, organization charts, circuit diagrams, tree diagrams (e.g. syntax trees, sitemaps), data flow diagrams, mindmaps, SCADA diagr...