Top 20 NuGet workflow Packages

Condense Light in-process runtime to support Condense framework domains
Synapse.Server.HttpClient supports integration for executing Synapse Plans. Full release at:
A custom Umbraco Forms workflow to allow users to save a new marketing contact to a Bronto ( contact and associated list, using the Bronto SOAP Api. The workflow allows mapping between Bronto fields and the Umbraco form fields.
Workflow Core IOC for Castle.Windsor is an IOC provider of Castle.Windsor for workflow engine targeting .NET Standard.
Workflow Core is a light weight workflow engine targeting .NET Standard.
Package Description
Core interfaces and classes for the Endeavor Workflow Engine.
Workflow toolkit
Debbugging Dynamics CRM IPlugin and CodeActivity Execute method without deployment and profiling. Use to imporve quality and productivity of your Dynamics CRM testing and debugging.
Build reliable workflows in .NET
docMgt REST API Services Helper
Organize and displays Workflows in a Tree structure and Graphs
Provides useful extension methods, alternate Task based API and activities.
An easy Ninject extension for registering nodes in Banzai
A JavaScript extension for creating Banzai nodes that are dynamically compiled and executed at runtime. Uses V8/ClearScript/ClearScript.Manager under the hood.
Mathematics Modular Framework (MMF) is a framework which allows simple construction and rearrangement of workflows for finance, mathematics, and machine learning applications. It allows the packaging of a program unit that performs a mathematical function into a 'module', which has strongly defin...
Lightweight workflow engine
Core assembly of Wexflow workflow engine.
Dot Net SDK for MVC project to access Cumulus-engine cloud api
A workflow extension to MFlow