Top 20 NuGet window Packages

Vulkan-focused C# 7 (.NET Standard 2.0) object-oriented window/input system based on GLFW3
Window Demo code to move Windows Standard Form from anywhere or from any control. Just Use ControlsToMove.Add('Name of Your Control') to use this after you inherit your class from MoveForm.cs
WPF 控件资源库
WPF window placement by resolution
This package allows you to create a window with infinite number of textboxes for user input
Open and close window in XAML
GLFW 3.3 Bindings
Implemenation of notify property changed in base WPF classes.
Simple cross-platform window creation library. It wraps glfw under the hood and provides a window class that should be suitable for most applications. The window is OpenGL ready.
BlendWindow is a C# window framework for a nice window frame.
.NET System.Console abstraction. Use to remove a direct dependancy on System.Console and replace with a dependancy on a well used and well known console interface, `IConsole`, to allow for building rich 'testable', high quality interactive console applications and utilities.
Dynamic Settings Editor For App.config