Top 20 NuGet window Packages

Project YAGL. Basic cross-platform window for drawing graphics.
BlurryControls library provides a variety of controls with a blurry effect known from the Microsoft AeroGlass/Acrylic design For more information please have a look at the Wiki at
DMSkin.Core WPF MVVM 框架 支持.NET Framework 4.5 +
An easy to use Direct2D1 drawing library with the ability to create transparent click-through windows.
Mina UI is user controls for window form and animation component help you to make a marvel UI for your applications
Simple console library consisting of ProgressBar, Window, Form, Draw and MockConsole.
Javascript api to create bootstrap modal dialog dynamically without the need of any html markup
Process.NET is a C# class library to interact with processes. Please see the project page for more details.
A managed game window using DirectX.
Window Or Global (window-or-global) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Windows Form用罫線テーブル作成ヘルパー
This project is based on the RF24 Arduino driver from maniacbug ( and the nRF24L01Plus .NETMF driver from JohnMasen (
Electron Window State (electron-window-state) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Window Size (window-size) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Features and functionality complementing MVVM Dialogs
Snazzy Info Window (snazzy-info-window) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Just a simple flat, borderless WPF window with all expected behavior.
Helpers and converters for Windows Store, Windows Phone every day usage
This is an example of roslyn analyzer, that can create diagnostics when there are missing some usings, that are required for using debugging data transformation via lambdas and Linqs in Watch or Immediate windows. Because Microsoft still haven't added support for post-loading libraries like System....
Extension methods for object-object or dictionary-object or datatable-object mapping, single item mapping use [ item.Apply(()=>new { .. }); ],multiple array items mapping use [ items.Apply(a=>new { .. }); ]. Extension methods for SQL Window Function in Linq, use [ items.GroupBy(a =>...).AsPartition(...