Top 20 NuGet window Packages

Add code to load and save application window settings like size
Add code to load and save application window settings like size
Add code to display processing state.
Makes debugging windows services super easy! Adds a small WPF application which allows you to run the service from Visual Studio without installing the service. See for more information
This library has Active directory specific actions to find users, group on various search parametes. I have provided link of my blog as Project-Site and you can find complete details of library and code repository location of github from my blog.
Attached behaviour to focus the first control on a window load
No html no cry. Many currently used modals use html codes prepared actually for the web page. Mustang-modal, allows you to create new modals interacted with javascript codes without the need of any html. It is simple, easy to use and it has many a lot of features.
A WPF Shell/Window
A managed window.
Process.NET is a C# based class library offering various tools to interact with processes.
nuget package for pop up window
Make your top-level WinForms windows stick when moved or resized.
Angular module to ease the access of localStorage, sessionStorage and cookie.
Allows accessing and watching window titles and states of foreign processes.
Provides a borderless, acrylic background and Per-Monitor DPI aware WPF Window class. If acrylic is not available, fallback to Aero Glass automatically. See the project repo for demos.
vBridge extends .NET's GUI capabilities by giving developers additional system features, and increases productivity by eliminating common boilerplate code.
Cross-platform window creation and management library targeting .NET Standard
Implements a Window theming control for Dirkster.MLib but can also be used with other theming libraries since there are no technical dependencies to MLib.
C# bindings for SDL2.