Top 20 NuGet webservice Packages

Communicates with QuickBooks Web Connector. Includes dependency on AspNetCore.
LPFM Scrobbler is a simple .NET API library for scrobbling to the web service.
HQCR.COM Public WebServices
The common library to call Mapbox Api.
The common library to call google API.
REST WebAPI for Atlassian JIRA
Objects for webservice
Dynamic soap webservice client
Nancy template for web services including a few helpful libraries, for the full list of the libraries see the github page on the project url.
This app will export selected properties to the specified endpoint url, either as is or in a serialized string [key: value]
Tools for facilitating communications with web-services by JWT standard.
Componente de Envio e Recebimento de Email através da WebService do Exchange
动态调用WebService动态调用地址 CodeDomProvider
Реализация веб-сервиса
* Clients: - AbstractHttpClientWebService * Requests: - SoapHttpRequestMessage * DelegatingHandlers: - LoggingHandler - WebServiceExceptionsHandler * MediaTypeFormatters: - JsonRestSharpMediaTypeFormatter - XmlRestSharpMediaTypeFormatter
* Interfaces: - IClientWebService * Exceptions: - WebServiceException - WebServiceStatusException - WebServiceOfflineException - WebServiceTimedOutException