Top 20 NuGet webservice Packages

Gett.NET - A library for Web Services
Portable Class Library for accessing the ManiaPlanet WebServices and other Information. Check Project Page for how to use.
Biblioteca de integração com a solução WebService da Cielo. Maiores informações acessem
This is a client of Opilo ( Web Service
This is a client of Zamanak ( web service
Package Description
Cross platform Xamarin plugin to invoke RESTful web service from PCL, shared project or even from specific platform project
Go see Redditsharp on github
Do you have problem to use Azure Machine Learing Web Service? This SDK provides easy access for AMLWS on .NET based applications.
DotNet implementation of NetFlix Feign ( Integrates with Microsoft DependencyInjection to generate the wrapper code from an interface representing a Rest end point.
百度地图WEBSERVICE 的 C# 调用接口(基本上代码复制自 ( )), 为避开百度地图WEBSERVICE 调用次数限制,支持多个 百度地图 WEBSERVICE 的 appid
Helper library for all your Apple PassKit (Apple Wallet, Apple Passbook) needs: create passes, sign pass packages, receive webhooks into your aspnetcore app and send push updates to user devices. Apple Developer Account required!
.Net wrappers for the Aculab Cloud Web Services API
Terradue.WebService.Ogc is a library targeting .NET Standard 2.0 and above that provides base classes to use OGC webservices
Fork from the official Prestasharp Nuget. Attempting to fix the stability issues.
Templates to easily create web applications using the GenHTTP SDK.
A tiny set of classes (in C#) that provide methods for JSON web service invocation and dynamically typing the JSON result for the GTD programmer.
A lightweight framework enabling the creation of REST services within ASP.NET MVC 3
Want to send Transactional Email (i.e. notification email)? Use AlphMail! Just sign up for an account at (it's free) and start sending after 5 minutes! What's great about AlphaMail is that you store your templates in our cloud, instead of bloating your code. So it's dead-easy to mai...