Top 20 NuGet web Packages

Installs the REBAR template for web service projects that uses owin middleware and supports OAuth 1.0 and 2.0
Helpers for easyui web
This package contains Web related interfaces and services (e.g. REST client).
This package contains the runtime assemblies for Microsoft.Azure.WebJobs.Extensions.WebHooks. For more information, please visit
This package contains the runtime assemblies for Microsoft.Azure.WebJobs.Extensions.ApiHub. For more information, please visit
Application Insights API enables you to get insights into user behavior and monitor usage patterns for your JavaScript applications. Application Insights service collects the data, analyzes it and presents the results in the forms of graphs and reports in Application Insights portal in Microsoft Azu...
Components to write tests against AspNetCore using Moq
Fixtures for writing tests using AspNetCore TestHost
LazyLayer a common layer for REST APIs
Light Web Server for UAP/UWP
** It's WIP so before the first beta version APIs will not be all complete ** Bindings of libcurl for .net [native libcurl library is not included!] It can work on a number of platforms & frameworks ** Windows and Linux ,both x86 and x64 +.Net Framework 2.0 or greater +.Net Core 1.1 or greater +.Net...
Web layer utilities package
Bad Behavior .NET is a .NET port of the original Bad Behavior WordPress plugin. It is built as an HTTP module, so you can just drop it into any existing website and enable it with a simple change to your web.config file.
ADSPrev Framework Module Web
LibSass .Net wrapper that implements Sass compilation to CSS.
A set of extensions to help make working with Web APIs and services easier in Windows UWP apps.
Miscellaneous Web api components, including dependency resolver and cache and model state manipulation
notification pack for Variel Creatives