Top 20 NuGet WEB Packages

Nequeo web hosting component
Note: For Ranorex 7.2 and above use the new NeoLoad package: Package that integrates NeoLoad functionality into the Ranorex system.
Microsoft Exchange Web Services (EWS Managed API). The code is in which is forked from This Api is created to include some improvements based on latest code.
An eventbus implementation using RawRabbit on top of RabbitMQ
Commonly used classes and contracts
Web Server Portable Simplified
isRock 標準.NET Web開發框架
No longer supported - use Unickq.SpecFlow.Selenium for SpecFlow 2.2
A component in C# that wraps use of web-based credential page, hosted in Internet Explorer(SHDocVw). Allows use of consistent web domain to share history of login information among web and desktop applications on the same machine. Acquired security token available to desktop application without it...
Sematic Web Framework Selp
Sematic Web Framework Selp
Basic shared functionality for R3MUS Devpack .NET projects
Utilities for Web Api development
SDL Web 8 REST API Providers for DD4T
Transsmart Web Client
Gc.Foundation.Web 是个基于Web封装基础工具模块,包括Web应用程序和WebApi等操作
The entities associated with BC4Net.Api.
Microsoft Cognitive Services Search API Client Library for .NET Core
This is simple Mvvm implementation for Cross Platform Development with Rest Client in Xamarin Form.