Top 20 NuGet web Packages

entensão para uso em qualquer projeto .Net Core
Wiesend's Dynamic Link Library is a collection of reusable code that I've written, or found throughout my programming career. It includes code to help with tasks including encryption, file management, compression, serialization, email, image manipulation, SQL, various file formats (CSV, iCal, etc.),...
Gapi.Client.Gamesconfiguration binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
QuiuiTool is a Windows Forms application designed to manage the run of the web testing automated. Videos about QuiuiTool at
From a command prompt, run: CMD> dotnet new --install IntelliTect.Coalesce.KnockoutJS.Template Make a new folder and open it in a command prompt CMD> dotnet new coalesceko [-n Optional.Name] If you don't specify a name, the template will infer one from the name of the folder you are in.
Add Feature Folders for ASP.NET Core 2.1 Web Application
An HTTP helper for .NET
Suave Template
HIP: Micro-service template for Visual Studio
Async Http Web Server
Thunder web framework where productivity and performance go together
FastCgi Immutable Array library
FastCgi core library
Package Description
Dapasoft core web api solution.
.NET Core library for testing web API:s created in ASP.NET Core MVC using XUnit.
Template for scaffolding Elmish component.
This library provides a way to add in-memory JSON to a ConfigurationBuilder. It allows for remote web configuration loading as well as grabbing JSON from command line, environment variables, or any location that isn't a physical path located on the target machine.
JWT - JSON Web Token for the .NET Framework