Top 20 NuGet wcf Packages

Provides an ApplyChanges extension method for DbContext that sets EntityState on trackable entities, so they can be saved in a single transaction as part of a batch update.
This Wcf module helps the programmer to log data to various sources (file, database, system log, others). In case of found issue in the application it should be possible to enable logging so that the problem is detected and fixed. With this module allows to configure logging at runtime without modif...
Utitlity methods for working with DBContext. Resolve DBContext from EndPoint, create database, apply migrations, drop database.
The Api for Qixol Promo provides the classes needed to access the functionality of the cloud-based promotion engine in your project.
PerrequestLifetimeManager Package description
WCF helpers
Unity 4.x For WCF
Extension of the Common Contracts implementation of BaseFaults 1.2 for defining commonly used and needed fault contracts in WCF service applciations.
A simple domain driven data access library.
Strong-typed Linq to Web API with resource names conventions. Builds on top of HttpEntityClient and HttpClient and provides the easiest way to interface with typed REST services that are modeled around typed entities or contracts. Example: var products = client // Note: resource path inferred from...
Tests for netfx-System.Net.Http.HttpEntityConventionClient
A Json.NET-based HttpContent class for content serialization.
Tests for netfx-System.Net.Http.JsonContent
A Json.NET-based MediaTypeFormatter for the WebApi that can handle text-based Json as well as binary Json (Bson). To use: var config = HttpHostConfiguration.Create().UseJsonNet();
The SOAC Factory is the hook for SOAcollective's SOA Platform out-of-the Box for the Microsoft stack. It allows you to automatically endow your WCF services with ws-discovery, metrics, monitoring and more with zero coding.
The SOAC SDK is a library of helpful classes for programming against WCF.
Mugen Injection extension to add ioc for WCF services.
Common Instance Factory provides an abstraction over dependency injection and IoC containers using the abstract factory design pattern. Created as an alternative to the Common Service Locator that does not use the service location anti-pattern and provides support for releasing instances.
This package has been merged into Pathoschild.Http.FluentClient 2.2+. ----- A base implementation of the .NET MediaTypeFormatter for serializers used by HttpClient and Web API, which handles the common plumbing code so you only need to implement the "Serialize" and "Deserialize" methods. This incl...
This package has been merged into Pathoschild.Http.FluentClient 2.2+. ----- Provides JSON and BSON implementations of the .NET MediaTypeFormatter using Json.NET. These can be used by HttpClient and Web API for serializing content.