Top 20 NuGet wcf Packages

OpenRiaServices.Silverlight.DomainDataSource provides the DomainDataSource control for Silverlight, providing a declarative model for binding UI controls to a DomainContext.
WcfJsonNetFormatter is a library which implements WcfJsonFormatter component in order to transform message body into Json format, using the powerful Json.Net serializer.
OpenRiaServices.EntityFramework provides the DbDomainService and LinqToEntities classes which can be used to create Domain Service classes for use with a DbContext or ObjectContext from the EntityFramework package. This package supports versions of EntityFramework starting with EF 6.0.1
Code generation for silverlight targets, other target platforms should use OpenRiaServices.Client.CodeGen.
A set of tools for hooking up Stardust to MVC aplications
OData service library - Uses Web API OData to implement a default OData API for an EF DbContext. Can be customized using normal Web API extension points.
Utilities for AdaptiveClient
Simple wrapper for running IIS Express
RIAServices.Server provides the System.ServiceModel.DomainServices.Hosting and System.ServiceModel.DomainServices.Server assemblies in place of the GAC references, making bin-deployment easier. The web.config.transform adds the necessary configSections, HTTP modules, and system.serviceModel element...
Installs the libraries for using Skillsoft Open Learning Services Architecture (OLSA) Web Service Functions
This assembly executes the hub service via a windows service.
This assembly executes the Hub server on the console.
This assembly delivers components for creating the EF context dynamically and migrating the MS SQL database if necessary.
OpenRiaServices.LinqToSql provides the LinqToSqlDomainService<T> class which can be used to create Domain Service classes for use with a DataContext class from Linq to Sql.
Note: This is just an alias for the new OpenRiaServices.Client.Core package in order to make upgrading easy.
OpenRiaServices.UnitTesting provides a DomainServiceTestHost that can be used to unit test your Domain Services.
Open RIA Services Contrib - Entity Tools
Note: This is just an alias for the new OpenRiaServices.Signed.Client package in order to make upgrading easy.
OpenRiaServices.Signed.T4 provides the CSharpClientCodeGenerator class, as well as many supporting classes, which can be used to override the existing code generation pattern for RIA Services.
Open RIA Services Toolkit - Silverlight ViewModel (MVVM) features