Top 20 NuGet validator Packages

CreditCardValidator helps you validate credit card numbers, identify its issuer (Visa, Mastercard, etc), verify length, prefixes and check it through the Luhn algorithm. It can also generate random credit card numbers for testing purposes.
An Implementation of ASP.NET Core Identity IPasswordValidator that verifies the provided password has not been pwned, as defined by Troy Hunt's HaveIBeenPwned service:
Elegance Service
Request message validator for Grpc.AspNetCore
This component allows the Enterprise Library Validation Application Block to integrate with WCF.
Domain objects used for validation errors. Useless in standalone. Standalone package utilized by Calzolari.Grpc.Net.Client.Validation and Calzolari.Grpc.AspNetCore.Validation, because same assembly is required for serializing / deserializing in bytes
FileTypeChecker is a easy to use library that provides quality identification of a file type. This will help you to secure your applications and validate all files that are provided by external sources with few lines of code.
Validation errors reader, requires Calzolari.Grpc.AspNetCore.Validation server side
This XrmToolBox plugin will scan your environment and Validates your Javascript/HTML Webresources if they are compatible with Dynamics CRM 365 V9.
Validators for data types that are not available in c# apis
RuleValidator for entity validation base on custom rules. And this is a helper for registration
An extension of the fluent validation with a set of Brazilian validations
This package includes UI components for Windows and Uno Platform applications such as: - Validator for providing a wrapper for input control to provide validation over their current value using validators.
The Validation Application Block provides useful features that allow developers to implement structured and easy-to-maintain validation scenarios in their applications.
.NET Standard library of helper methods to help validate arguments.
Validot is a performance-first, compact library for advanced model validation. Using a simple declarative fluent interface, it efficiently handles classes, structs, nested members, collections, nullables, plus any relation or combination of them. It also supports translations, custom logic extension...
NHibernate Validator is a powerful and extensible framework to validate objects using the .Net Platform. Born as a port of Hibernate Validator 3.0.0 project at december of 2007. Later on, many improvements and changes were made to the Core and API, and now we can say that NHibernate Validator is mor...
RuleValidator for entity validation base on custom rules
Extensions and functionality to use with the Fluent Validation library.