Top 20 NuGet validator Packages

Don't let users to inject you an invalid file! FileTypeChecker is a easy to use library that allows you to read file and recognize its type. This will help you to validate all files that is provided by external sources.
The ASP.NET Core Model State Validator fully abstracted to use in any .NET Core application.
Sandra.SimpleValidator is designed to be... a simple validator, nothing more. It has no ability to inject repositories and query the database to validate stuff. It has no ability to generate JavaScript validation.
A library to validate Relativity Short Message Format files against the specification.
AutoValidator's aim is to create a simple, fluent and intiutive framework to validate data and models in your dotnet applications. Simply put; an application would validate some data and get a result object. That object would state sucess or failure and detail the failing data.
Xamarin.Android Binding for NatigInfo's Checkpoint Abstraction, a multipurpose and customizable validation library.
Xamarin.Android Binding for NatigInfo's Checkpoint, a multipurpose and customizable validation library.
Tiny lib for advanced model validation. With performance in mind.
DataAnnotations to validate VAT codes, social security numbers, tin numbers and ZIP Postal codes. All countries from European Union are supported and United States.
Validators for data types that are not available in c# apis
An Implementation of ASP.NET Core Identity IPasswordValidator that verifies the provided password has not been pwned, as defined by Troy Hunt's HaveIBeenPwned service:
DotNet Validator is a .NET library that contains a set of utility methods which could be used to validate or sanitize .NET data-models.
Base infrastructure for validation objects
The helper will recursively traverse your object graph and invoke validation against DataAnnotations. This originated from following Stackoverflow answer:
A command line tool that validates files against a JSON schema.
A general purpose password validation framework that is configurable and can check passwords against a blacklist. Available under the MIT License.
A simple validation library for .Net
This library contains validators for common Polish tax numbers like NIP, REGON and KRS. Validators for EU VAT ID and IBAN are also included. After registration at NIP24 Portal this library could be used for various on-line validations of Polish and EU companies. Please, visit our web page for more d...
A .NET standard library for easy password validation. This library defines 11 predefined checks and an easy way to implement custom checks.
Validation errors reader, requires Calzolari.Grpc.AspNetCore.Validation server side