Top 20 NuGet tracing Packages

Templated classes and abstractions to simplify System.Diagnostics. Provides easy encapsulation of activity and logical operation scopes, as well as simple support for dependency injection frameworks. This package also includes a starting sample configuration for System.Diagnostics. Other Esse...
Post a new chat message to Slack when errors occur on
Post a chat message to HipChat when new errors occur on
Create a new issue in GitHub when a new error is logged on
Automatically ignore errors generated by one or more IP addresses.
A playground for developing apps for showing the various possibilities.
Create an issue on Bitbucket when a new error is logged on
Post a new chat message to Microsoft Teams when errors occur on
Create an issue on Jira when a new error is logged on
Create a new issue in YouTrack when a new error is logged on
Create a new issue in GitLab when a new error is logged on
Virtex.Tracing provides profiling and logging infrastructure that helps you to locate errors, performance bottlenecks and create reports at run-time. JavaScript logger.
Create an issue on Azure Boards when a new error is logged on
Microsoft .NET logging agent for Loggr, the cloud-based event logging service.
The interfaces provided by this package allow component authors to provide tracing statements that are agnostic to the actual implementation that will be used when they are used at runtime, which is an initialization concern that belongs to the application initialization or other bootstrapping/confi...
HttpClientDiagnostics is a cross platform, portable class library that provides tracing/logging telemetry of Microsoft.Net.HttpClient requests. In the spirit of "applications decide the logging framework, libraries should play nice" this package does _not_ require any external dependencies or abstra...
A C# client implementation for DataDog's APM solution for AspNetCore.
A .NET client for Butterfly.
.NET Core SDK to add distributed-tracing capabilities to your code, which seamlessly integrates with Instana's automatic tracing, but will also work all on it's own.