Top 20 NuGet t4 Packages

Contains the T4's required by to generate test classes that can execute tSQLt tests during TFS build.
Generate enum helper class and extension method to avoid enum's boxing/unboxing
Generate javascript resource file from .NET resource file
Generate culture helper class to use culture without hardcode
A simple Cake addin for invoking Scripty to run Roslyn-powered C# scripts for code generation.
A cross-platform msbuild/xbuild task for transforming T4 templates. Depends on MSBuild 14.0
T4 templates supporting "SP/TSQL First" approach to working with DB engines (version for SqlServer).
Yet Another POCO Generator for SQL Server and Azure Table
Harness razor templates for generating strings for file generation this is an alternative to using T4 templates
T4 text transformation commandline tool. This package is project-installable via `DotNetCliToolReference`. For the dotnet global tool, see `dotnet-t4`. For the app-embeddable engine, see `Mono.TextTemplating`.