Top 20 NuGet static Packages

An easy to implement angular module/directive that simplifies adding both horizontal and vertical scrolling with static header and footer to any html table. It will automatically (and reactively) size to it's parent container, or a given set of dimensions.
The StaticDataLibrary T4 template generates a library of static data objects from CSV files and Excel spreadsheets. The primary intended use for this template is to generate lists of data at design-time for unit tests, although it can also be used to generate other static data that doesn't change du...
Package with the "net", "crypto" and "url" libraries of the Chromium codebase as a C++ static library. Packed libraries: net.lib, crcrypto.lib, url_lib.lib, http_server.lib, sdch.lib and dependencies. MSBuild will add the package's headers to compiler include directories and the nece...
Goal is to add functionality to .NET Mvc, with a small wrapper around weakly and dynamically typed, magic string based routing with a strongly and statically typed routing through generics and expressions.
ASP.NET MVC helpers for embedding static maps with the Google Static Maps API V2.
This package allows you to map static routes for your WebApi v1 application, like you would do with v2 of WebApi. Perfect for those who (for any reason) cannot switch to v2 of WebApi, but still want to use static routes mapping.
A library for generating test images
Magic. Unicorns. Static dependency injection.
XmlHelper makes it easier for developers to create and read data in XML documents by condensing common tasks into a simple static helper class.
Yield - The simplest ASP.NET Static Site Generator (a.k.a. flattener). You just need to make a few minor tweaks to your site configuration, and you're set to generate static HTML.
ConfigEasy let you initialize static fields of a class with appSettings of a configuration file. It can manage different format and any configuration file with the appSettings section.
The static web server
Boost libraries 1.61.0
Boost libraries 1.61.0
Resource Static Analysis enables companies and Localization suppliers to quickly add scalable validation checks to help ensure quality doesn't suffer as software and content is localized and data is exchanged between internal workflows and even between companies.
A simple class with a method for handling cache busting on static files (.Net)
Antix Static Data Code
A mocking framework capable of mocking .NET and .NET Core static methods
C++ Nuget for OpenSSL 1.1.0g built as static libs for VC140. Linked as /MD
Some usefull extensions methods