Top 20 NuGet specification Packages

A simple package with a base Specification class, for use in creating queries that work with Repository types.
EF Core plugin package to Ardalis.Specification containing EF Core evaluator and abstract repository.
Machine.Specifications is a Context/Specification framework geared towards removing language noise and simplifying tests.
MSpec helper library to write quick tests for projects using Incoding Framework
Machine.Specifications.Should is a should library for the Context/Specification framework Machine.Specifications
Machine.Specifications (MSpec) adapter for .NET Framework and .NET Core including dotnet cli (dotnet test), Visual Studio IDE, TFS, Visual Studio Online, Visual Studio Team Services.
LinqBuilder is an implementation of the specification pattern. Made for use with IEnumerable and IQueryable.
A .Net implementation of [JsonLogic](
Bumps assembly versions, project properties, assembly attributes, according to consumer specified strategies.
Conditions for Dapper and SQL
Console runner for the Context/Specification framework Machine.Specifications
A simple diff comparison asserter that makes it easy to assert if two texts (strings) are equal, and display the differences in a diff tool if they are not. Simply put it is a much simpler (and dumber) version of ApprovalTests that should get the job done for simple scenarios. You can easily create ...
Validot is a performance-first, compact library for advanced model validation. Using a simple declarative fluent interface, it efficiently handles classes, structs, nested members, collections, nullables, plus any relation or combination of them. It also supports translations, custom logic extension...
EntityFramework Core 3 plugin to PozitronDev.QuerySpecification containing the EF evaluator and abstract repository.
The fastest and smoothest way to good architecture.
Repository and Specification patterns implementations for EntityFrameworkCore with pagination and other sugar
This is a simple implementation of the Specification pattern in combination with Linq.
Fully managed .NET library to detect the specs of the hardware, available in .NET Framework or .NET Core flavors (.NET Standard).
Extensions for querying EF Core with AutoMapper projections.
Extensions for querying EF 6 with AutoMapper projections.