Top 20 NuGet specification Packages

Machine.Specifications.Should is a should library for the Context/Specification framework Machine.Specifications
DynamicSpecs MSTest integration
Yet another BDD specification library for .NET
ServiceStack plugin that uses introspection to generate documentation about services in AppHost
Common components to support the projects for the SpecByExample Visual Studio extension. The extension offers an intuitive way to create a testing-solution for a Specification by Example approach to automated testing of webbased application.
Topojson Specification (topojson-specification) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Core implementation of Specification design pattern. Contains: - Specifications composition (And, Or, AndNot, OrNot) - Specifications negation with validation handling (error message negation, linq negation etc.) - Error handling for validation scenarios - Linq expressions composing
Common implementation of small reusable Specifications. All Specifications are based on Specification design pattern. Specifications support validation scenarios and also can be used like Linq expressions, because they are designed and implemented especially for Entity Framework Core support and p...
My implementation of the specification pattern
XCommon.Translation provides a translation service for Front-End and Back-End applications.
Testing Extensions
Testing Extensions
Testing Extensions