Top 20 NuGet slack Packages

Serilog sink for Slack
.NET Core package that helps with Slack interactions, events and web API
A simple Slack client for posting messages with fields and attachments.
Contains dlls WorkflowEngine.NET Slack Plugin
BSON Serialization Configuration for types in Naos.Slack
JSON Serialization Configuration for types in Naos.Slack
Provides Slack logging integration for other ServiceStack projects
ASP.NET Core security middleware enabling Slack authentication.
A batching Serilog sink for Slack. Each log message is sent as an attachment on the same message, with the log event properties rendered out as fields.
A comprehensive Slack API client for .NET
Shared types (models and utilities) for Slack
A Dummy Factory for types in Naos.Slack.Domain
ASP.NET Core integration for receiving requests from Slack
A Serilog sink that writes events to the Slack channel using a bot.
ASP.NET Core endpoints for the Slack event API
Contains dlls WorkflowEngine.NET Slack Plugin
MultiNote is notification library utilizing multiple messaging channels like email, Slack webhooks etc. For details, please refer the project README file on GitHub.
.NET Implementation of the Slack Api
Even simpler integration with Slack's Incoming/Outgoing webhooks API for .net ### IMPORTANT On Feb 19th 2020 Slack will end support for TLS version 1.0 and 1.1. This means you may (depending on your .NET version) need to force the use of TLS1.2. If you receive an error stating t...
A .NET Core Host friendly Slack API client for the Slack HTTP API