Top 20 NuGet shuttle Packages

Contains the core Shuttle.Esb assembly that should always be referenced when building Shuttle.Esb solutions.
Provides an abstraction over ADO.NET.
Thread-based processing.
RabbitMQ implementation for use with Shuttle.Esb.
Cron expression parsing.
UnityContainer implementation of the Shuttle.Core.Container dependency injection interfaces
Sql-based implementation of ISubscriptionManager interface for use with Shuttle.Esb.
Dependency injection container adapter.
IDatabaseContextCache implementation for use in HTTP (.NET/Core) or WCF (.NET) scenarios.
Turns your console application into a Windows service.
Tests that are used to verify implementations of the `IComponentRegistry` and `IComponentResolver` interfaces.
OS and system level abstractions.
Event Sourcing mechanism.
A guard implementation that performs asserts/assumptions to prevent invalid code execution.
Simple specification mechanism.
Test fixtures to facilitate testing of components, such as queues, that relate to Shuttle.Esb.
Log4Net ILog implementation.
Reflection infrastructure components.
Msmq implementation for use with Shuttle.Esb.
Shuttle.Esb process management using Shuttle.Recall event sourcing.