Top 20 NuGet shuttle Packages

Contains the core Shuttle.Esb assembly that should always be referenced when building Shuttle.Esb solutions.
RabbitMQ implementation for use with Shuttle.Esb.
MSMQ implementation for use with Shuttle.Esb.
Reflection infrastructure components.
Dependency injection container adapter.
Thread-based processing.
Encryption adapter.
Transaction adapter.
Simple specification mechanism.
OS and system level abstractions.
Provides a pipeline observer to handle transaction scopes.
Observable event-based pipelines based broadly on pipes and filters.
TimeSpan type converters.
Stream infrastructure utilities.
Uri infrastructure utilities.
Json.Net implementation of the `ISerializer` interface.
A guard implementation that performs asserts/assumptions to prevent invalid code execution.
Provides an abstraction over ADO.NET.
Serialization adapter.
Logging adapter.