Top 20 NuGet server Packages

Lightweight Http Mocking Server for .Net, inspired by WireMock from the Java landscape.
Lightweight StandAlone Http Mocking Server for .Net.
Aspose.Tasks for .NET is a collection of classes that seamlessly integrates with your .NET applications to provide interaction and manipulation capabilities for the Microsoft ProjectⓇ file formats (MPP, MPT, MPX) as well as PrimaveraⓇ formats (XER, P6XML). Aspose.Tasks for .NET helps developers to ...
Provides AppSelfHostBase implementation for .NET Core's Kestrel Self Host HTTP Server To get started see:
Distributed transaction solution in micro-service base on eventually consistency, also an eventbus with Outbox pattern.
A (very simple) TCP server which you can use from within a testing environment or, if you're really ambitious, for some other reason.
MQTTnet is a high performance .NET library for MQTT based communication. It provides a MQTT client and a MQTT server (broker) and supports v3.1.0, v3.1.1 and v5.0.0 of the MQTT protocol.
Primitives for working with JsonRpc. This library is used as the base for communication with language servers
You can use this package to create a language server, that will be consumed by many clients
bUnit.xunit is an xUnit extension for bUnit, that provides a way for xUnit to run bUnit's razor-based tests, as well as other helpful extensions to make the testing experience better if you use xUnit for writing your tests.
This is an extension library which provides a managed MQTT client with additional features using MQTTnet.
Common abstractions for using hierarchyid with EF Core
Adds hierarchyid support to the SQL Server EF Core provider
HealthChecks.SqlServer is the health check package for SqlServer.
SqlTableDependency is a high-level implementation to access table record change notifications from SQL Server. This class allows you to detect changes on a database table. Every change will send a notification messages contains values for the updated, inserted or deleted record, avoid you to execute...
LLBLGen Pro is a leading ORM framework and entity modelling solution for .NET. This package contains the Dynamic Query Engine for Microsoft SQL Server.
DnsClient.NET is a simple yet very powerful and high performance open source library for the .NET Framework to do DNS lookups
IBM Data Server provider for .NET Core.
MiniProfiler: Profiler storage for SQL Server
A (very simple) HTTP server which you can use from within a testing environment or, if you're really ambitious, for some other reason.