Top 20 NuGet random Packages

.NET port of the PCG Random Number Generator library (
A thread-safe static class that wraps System.Random for generating pseudo-random numbers.
Randomizer.NET is .NET library to generate random values of predefined types.
The library for basic mathematics.
A library of .NET dictionaries that are useful building blocks for in-memory caches with various eviction strategies (LRU and Random, primarily).
Extensions for Random and IList to help you generate random content. IMPORTANT: this library was designed for use in games; no effort has been made to make these methods cryptographically secure.
Provides simple cryptographic related classes for hashing/verifying data, encrypting/decrypting data and creating random data in .NET.
Simulation library for .NET
A c# library for generating test data, offering the option to randomize an object or customize randomization strategies
A .NET library for all things random!
A lightweight library of common utilities for working with random numbers
Generate random alphanumeric strings with options.
Generates gramatically correct passphrases that are easy for human to remember and hard for computers to guess. For normal use, reference the "ReadablePassphrase" package. This is the Words assembly containing base interfaces and Dictionary classes only. Unless you are making your own Dictionary L...
A library for generating crypto secure random numbers
Static C# class to generate random names based upon gender.
xml random generator based on xsd schema
A class which generate an array of random bytes as securely as possible.
.NET library that mimics behaviour of Haskell lists and related functions.
Library for generating random bytes which helps with testing.
Create dummy text or names reminding real ones. This library works by analyzing real texts , and can be used to geneate texts in various languages (or, rather, code pages - it does not generate real words).