Top 20 NuGet processing Packages

A simple library to get keywords from a text.
This package contains all necessary components for developing digital twin models and loading them into ScaleOut StreamServer™ for use in processing incoming messages from data sources.
This package provide UiPath custom activity to get values from Microsoft OCR response based on the region that you pass.
A Unicode and emoji text-processing library for .NET, supporting UTF-8, UTF-16, and UTF-32 on .NET Standard
Digital Signal Processing (FFT and Correlation)
The AForge.Imaging library contains interfaces and classes for different image processing routines and filters. Full list of features is available on the project's web site. This version has been re-built using .NET Standard 2.0.
Utility tool for scanning strings, files and console inputs for the specific type of values. Inspired by the Java scanner class
Various methods for data encryption, hashing, randomizer, data processing, etc.
A modular, composable policy engine for easy implementation of complex conditional processing pipelines.
Package Description
Easy C++ projects configuration with OpenCV SDK