Top 20 NuGet processing Packages

Microsoft dependency extensions for ConveyR
BatchFlow is a .NET library that takes care of all the plumbing you need around large batch processing, especially the producer/consumer pattern that you (probably) should use.
An opinionated IronMQ client for .Net developers. We take care of the flow, you take care of the Go.
Entity Framework implementation for Queries with Waffle.
Unity implementation for the Waffle.
MongoDB implementation for event sourcing with Waffle.
NAudio extension library for SoundFingerprinting framework. This extension provides the ability to read all files supported by NAudio media foundation framework. Since NAudio depends on Windows native calls, this extension can execute only in Windows environment.
A simple ASP.NET MVC library to aide with the use of Visa Checkout
A simplistic extendible library for Electronic Data Processing. It separates the the loading, processing, and outputing of the data to allow for taking data in one form and translate it into a more usable form.
DspSharpAsio - ASIO Support for DspSharp
Unity implementation for the Command Processor.
Extensions to simplify parallel processing.
A simple message processing library that can support various source of messages.
An extension for the versatile pipelining library TicTacTube, that allows the integration of telegram bots.
An extension for the versatile pipelining library TicTacTube, that allows the integration of soundcloud. Creating new Soundcloud API-keys is currently disabled, therefore this API uses web parsing which may be against soundcloud's terms of service. Only use with soundclouds written permission.
Simple library for creating sequential models of convolutional neural networks. Library is for the solving small problems because is aimed on the readable code and modularity more than performance.
Template web request processing framework for core applications. Using this framework, the excess implementation on controllers can be reduced totally. The source code repository can be found at The sample project implemented using this framework is av...
Command line Arguments splitter, processing and validator.