Top 20 NuGet object Packages

Declare Value Objects in one line e.g. `class ClientRef : ValueOf<string, ClientRef> { }`), create using `ClientRef.From(someString)` The base Type ValueOf<TValue, TThis>, provides Equals, GetHashcode. Use ValueTuples for multi property values e.g `class Address : ValueOf<(string firstLine, string ...
Deprecated, see Structurizer instead: PineCone takes an instance of an C# class and builds a class-schema for it. This schema is then used to extract all primitive .Net types in the object-graph using some IL-Emits and then turns this to a key-value stru...
Blog: Provides functionality to flatten complex objects into EntityProperty dictionary and functionality to recompose original complex object from the flattened property dictionary. One usage is that the AP...
Migrating from full framework to .netstandard
Very simple way to create and manage History Points from Objects. You can store States of Objects and also Actions regarding to an Object or even static Actions. There is an easy, but very simple customiceable, way to create History Points from one or more Objects.
Query HTTP api using GraphQL with C# defined models.
Cross platform wrapper of Yolo/Darknet (Real-Time Object Detection) for CSharp. Only GPU with CUDA computation available. Need OpenCVSharp-AnyCPU in the version For more information :
Adds general use extension methods to C# classes.
Java interaction library used to read java object streams and read/write json
OPC UA Information Model Factory Library
The core functionality of SemanticData Reactive Networking library based on OPC UA Part 14 Pub/Sub.
my useful extension methods of Object.
A library for comparing objects.
Powerful convention-based, customizable and fastest tool for object-object mapping.It is useful for Entity to DTO, DTO to Entity mapping strategies. Benchmark, unit tests, samples and documentation available from
Microsoft.VisualStudio.Services.MemberEntitlementManagement.WebApi Integrate with Azure DevOps Services from desktop-based, ASP.NET, and other Windows applications. Provides access to the Member Entitlement Management Service via public REST APIs.
NDatabase is a simple .Net Object Database. To avoid impedance mismatch overhead between Object and Relational worlds, give a try to NDatabase. NDatabase is a new generation Object Database: a real native and transparent persistence layer for .Net. - Object because the basic persistent unit is an ...
Simple & performant model mapping
Dwarf is a light weight, highly competent, versatile, easy-to-use O/R-M framework 'that doesn't get in your way'. Configured in the blink of an eye and is packed with features
Semiodesk Trinity is a high-level C# API for querying and manipulating RDF triplestores. Semiodesk Trinity offers a Object-Mapping mechanism which also supports all the features that makes RDF great, for example being schema-less and inferencing.
This package is part of the Semiodesk Trinity API. It allows for the creation of C# representation of ontologies as well as the mapping of RDF classes to C# classes.