Top 20 NuGet nlog Packages

Package Description
Collect your application logs and send them to Bugfender for remote access
NLog target for Azure file system (file shares) with async support.
A dependency-free code-only logging abstraction
Its a bridge between NLog and log4net. It hands all log4net logging events over to NLog. So you could use any lib which uses log4net without even using log4net yourself. Simply call the following line and you are done: NLogAppender.Initialize();
Implementation of Utility.Logging for NLog
Designed to be used with ASP.NET MVC 3 or greater and Entity Framework 4.* NLog.Mvc provides a Target for NLog that uses a DbContext to write and access log entries. It also includes a NLogHandleError attribute that can be applied to log exceptions.
Plugin for Glimpse showing NLog information
Community contributed additions to NLog. Specifically, a new MappedDiagnosticsLogicalContext for maintaining diagnostic state across threads including asynchronous contexts. This is similar to ThreadLogicalContext in the log4net library.
NLog Extensions. [Features] - HipChat Target. - ASP.NET Request Summary Renderer. - Truncate Renderer. If you find bugs or have requests for improvement, contact me.
NLog Target for Redis
NLog adapter for Tracer.Fody (which is an ILWeaver adding trace enter and leave log entries to methods). This adapter offers trace and static logging calls and changes them to calls to NLog.
NLog target for Amazon SQS
Custom target for NLog enabling you to send logging messages to the Sentry logging service.
Syslog target for NLog logging platform
NLog logger indent exception layout renderer. Allows to indent exception stack in log file and to aviod exception stack surplus logging. Can be parameterized not to log stack trace for console window.
nJupiter.Abstraction.Logging is an abstraction library which makes it easy to change between different logging frameworks in runtime. nJupiter.Abstraction.Logging currently have implementations for NLog, log4net (both the old and the new public key token) and Enterprise Library Logging Application B...
An NLog database target that is configurable via an Entity Framework connection string.