Top 20 NuGet nlog Packages

NLog implementation for LogFramework's ILogger and ILoggerFactory abstractions.
NLog Target for Redis supporting .Net Framework and .Net Standard
An implementation of Microdot's logging and tracing using NLog.
Dot Net NLog logger wrapper for Microsoft.Extensions.Logging.
NLog integration for Galaxy
A monitoring framework for .NET that supports IoC and modern targets, e.g. Splunk
NLog Target for Redis
Extensions of Ark.Tools.NLog reading params from ConfigurationManager
Extensions of Ark.Tools.NLog reading params from IConfiguration
Log clean, easy to understand exception stack traces using @benaadams's Demystifier
MetroLog is a lightweight logging framework designed for portable code and WinJS. Although the API is based on NLog and log4net, the intention is that it's a very basic logging system. This version targets .NET Core, .NET 4.5, Windows 8.1 (Windows Store apps), Windows Phone 8, WinPhone 8.1, W...
A custom Nlog target that save logs to Azure table storage. log information saved includes: LogTimeStamp, Level, LoggerName, Message, Exception, InnerException, StackTrace, MessageWithLayout, ExceptionData
Common.Logging library bindings for NLog 3.1 logging framework.
DO NOT USE. Instead simply use the JSNLog package.
Airbrake NLog target for ASP.NET
Extensions of Ark.Tools.NLog reading params from CloudConfigurationManager
Extend NLog with targets for Windows Forms applications. For example: writing to a richtextbox or raising alert popups.
Logging aspect using PostSharp
Blunder NLog target for ASP.NET
Blunder NLog target for ASP.NET Core