Top 20 NuGet nlog Packages

Airbrake NLog target for ASP.NET
This assembly represents a part of persitence layer. It is the implementation of a logging mechanism based on Sin.Net.Domain and NLog.
Signed NLog adapter for Tracer.Fody (which is an ILWeaver adding trace enter and leave log entries to methods). This adapter offers trace and static logging calls and changes them to calls to NLog.
NLog configuration helper and extensions for Ark standard configuration using code and not config files.
The easiest and easy to use Nlog。 Log.Info("Info"); Log.Error("Error");
Collect your application logs and send them to Bugfender for remote access
NLog Logger for Apache Ignite
NLog target for Azure file system (file shares) with async support.
Airbrake NLog target
An NLog layout renderer be used to access appsettings.json. Supported platforms: - .NET Standard 1.6 - .NET Standard 2.0
Extends the default nlog library with static methods for logging and default visualization of the logged entries
NLog QueueStorageTarget for writing to Azure Cloud Queue Storage
A NLog target for Splunk's Http Event Collector (HEC) Sender
NLog AccessTokenLayoutRenderer for application authentication and acquire AccessToken for resource.
DO NOT USE. Instead simply use the JSNLog package.
Application Insights NLog Target is a custom target allowing you to send NLog log messages to Application Insights. Application Insights will collect your logs from multiple sources and provide rich powerful search capabilities. Privacy statement:
Custom NLog target for sending log events to a SignalR hub.
NLog target for Slack - your logs in one place and instantly searchable, everywhere.
Enables Intellisense™ for Syslog target settings in NLog.config