Top 20 NuGet mvc3 Packages

Glimpse Plugin to view MVC dependency resolution.
This Content package sets up the necessary parts for using Kiwi.Markdown in an ASP.Net MVC 3 app.
## When prompted to "OK" or "Cancel" the running of the templates please choose "Cancel" or an error will appear in your project ## * The base MVC install reconfigured for Twitter Bootstrap (in a separate folder) * Custom scaffolding for Bootstrap * A css file that gives Bootstrap error classes for...
An unobtrusive CMS system designed to bolt on to an existing MVC3 Razor or ASPX web app. Includes image uploading and wiki style editing.
MvcTurbine Blade for Meek, an unobtrusive CMS system designed to bolt on to an existing MVC3 Razor or ASPX web app. Includes image uploading and wiki style editing.
An implementation of the DependencyResolver for ASP.NET MVC3. Includes startup code. 3.1.5 - Changes dependency to Munq.IocContainer 3.1.5 to fix Request Lifetime instance issue. All packages same version.
A resource loader that manages concatination, minification, caching and output for ASP.NET MVC3 applications. Requires a full recompilation of the target project after installation in order for intellisense to work.
UI Extensions to the MvcContrib Project - Themed Grid & Menu
NecroNetToolkit is a set of tools that simplify and help with development of smaller projects based on ASP.NET MVC and Entity Framework.
A very simple repository for PetaPoco, becuase you have better things to be getting on with!
This sample AccountController demonstrates the use of SimpleMembership.Mvc3 with Mvc3 for Authentication and Membership. The included SimpleMembershipAccountController can be used as a drop-in replacement for the default AccountController in the Mvc3 Visual Studio project template. This package assu...
A set of extensions for the Microsoft MVC framework.
Helps manage paging and page sorting in a ASP.NET MVC3 project
Unity.Mvc3.VB VB.Net implementation of the code portions of Unity.MVC3 which is a library that allows simple Integration of Microsoft's Unity IoC container with ASP.NET MVC 3.
ASP.NET integration package for Griffin.Container
WCF integration package for Griffin.Container
A package to secure all controllers actions in your application by default by disallowing anonymous access, and requiring each HttpPost action to be passed an anti-forgery token. Anonymous access to a controller action needs to be explicitly set by use of an attribute.
Beta release of the basic enumeration class add on features for using with MVC. Tested with MVC3.
Package for sanitising sensitive form values in ELMAH logs for MVC3
Combine and compress your Css files according to Paris style that it's called Paristyle.