Top 20 NuGet mvc3 Packages

Errordite receives all your application exceptions and groups together those that are the same - automatically or with rules you define. You then decide how to progress the errors. You can fix them, ignore them, or wait and see how often the error occurs. This is the MVC3 version which automaticaly ...
Extension for Ninject providing integration with ASP.NET Web Api
This package contains implementations of abstract Services for use with ASP.NET MVC 3.
A library that I tend to create for just about every project... contains extensions and other things that I find useful, you might too (or maybe not).
Dependency injection modules for Grace that can be used to integrate MvcSiteMapProvider into an existing dependency injection setup. You may customize this configuration to allow for replacement of virtually any part of MvcSiteMapProvider by implementing one of its interfaces and injecting an instan...
Actya is a simple ASP.NET MVC CMS that can be added to an existing .NET application.
Adds support for creating, enforcing, tracking, and managing developer API keys in your ASP.NET MVC projects.
A powerful string expansion library for .NET you never knew you always wanted. - Use for token-based string templating passing in a model for property replacement - 4 token formats to pick from (MvcRoute-style, Razor-style, NAnt-style or MSBuild-style) - Use as a more readable alternative to string...
HTML 5 EditorTemplates for MVC 3 in Razor. A fork of skirkland's MvcHtml5Templates with additional functionality. Adds support for placeholder and required attributes among other additions.
HTML5 Boilerplate 3.0 for the MVC3 Razor View Engine. Includes YUI Compressor Dependency and build script. HTML5Boilerplare site: YUICompressor.NET site:
Require email confirmation in ASP.NET MVC3 registration. Updated for AppHarbor.
A quick way to theme an MVC Razor website
Some basic scaffolding to give you a controller and views for your Poco. This is more of a pre release than a final version, much more to come and would appreciate all feedback positive and negative. Be aware this initial release relies on you naming your poco's with the suffix "Poco".
A simple curl-like module for PowerShell. Adds curl-like functionality to the Nuget Package Manager Console inside visual studio. If you're working with REST APIs like Twilio, Azure, etc., this is a huge timesaver for quickly testing REST calls from the NuGet Package Manager Console.
Small helper to simplify use of SharpShooter's Report.Web component in ASP.NET MVC environment
A lightweight framework enabling the creation of REST services within ASP.NET MVC 3
XAMLtoMVC was created to ease tasks in web development when you have something to display that is impossible (or nearly impossible) with html. And especially with images you want to use, but you realize you can't because they are too static to reflect even the smallest changes. The solution is...
A totally unsupported way to quickly add ASP.NET MVC 3 support to your WebForms Application. Works on my machine.
This is a library that gathers small, frequently used functions, when developing the ASP.NET MVC project on a C # basis.
A totally unsupported way to quickly add ASP.NET MVC 3 support to your WebForms Application. Works on my machine.