Top 20 NuGet ml Packages

ML.NET component for LightGBM
ML.NET component for FastTree
Numerics.NET (formerly Extreme Optimization Numerical Libraries for .NET) are a set of libraries for numerical computing and data analysis. This is the main package that contains all the core functionality. For optimal performance, we strongly recommend also referencing one of the native packages ...
Microsoft.ML.Mkl.Redist contains the MKL library redistributed as a NuGet package.
ML.NET is a cross-platform open-source machine learning framework which makes machine learning accessible to .NET developers.
IBM.Watson.NaturalLanguageUnderstanding.v1 wraps the Watson Natural Language Understanding service (
IBM.Watson.Assistant.v2 wraps the Watson Assistant service (
IBM.Watson.Common is a library of functionality needed for SDKs generated using the IBM OpenApi SDK generator. The library has functionality specific for the generated SDK.
C# bindings for NumPy - a fundamental library for scientific computing, machine learning and AI. Does not require a local Python installation!
Microsoft.ML.CpuMath contains optimized math routines for ML.NET.
Contains the IDataView system which is a set of interfaces and components that provide efficient, compositional processing of schematized data for machine learning and advanced analytics applications.
This package contains easy-to-use and high-performance libraries for data analysis and transformation.
Official Vowpal Wabbit library including C# interface.
Official Vowpal Wabbit library including C# interface.
IBM.Watson.SpeechToText.v1 wraps the Watson Speech To Text service (
Recommended Google client library to access the AutoML API, which allows you to train high-quality custom machine learning models with minimal effort and machine learning expertise.
OpenCV for VL
Official Vowpal Wabbit library including C# interface.
This is a C# class library containing some very basic geodesic algorithms. It is based on work by Mike Gavaghan and has been enhanced by me to cover also some variants of Mercators projection of the earth to flat maps. I cover Spherical and Elliptical Mercator projections, mapping the earth to a s...
Xamarin Binding Library - Huawei Hms ML Camera SDK. This SDK is a dependency of various Huawei Hms SDKs and is not intended to be used directly.