Top 20 NuGet ml Packages

Implementation of the Standard ML '97 Basis Library in F#.
Machine learning library for .Net and Mono. Currently has Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Ridge Regression/Classifier, Svm classifier. Initially it is port of popular Scikit-learn machine learning python library and has very close design. Sharpkit.Learn is based on the state of t...
Microsoft.ML.Experimental contains experimental work such extension methods to access internal methods.
Microsoft.ML.EntryPoints contains the ML.NET entry point API catalog.
Search Results via SERP API. Hash, JSON, and HTML format supported for Google, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, Ebay, Google Product, Youtube, Wallmart and more...
Utilize ML5 Library from c# in Blazor Client.Play with Teachable Machine models or Create a Neural Network model or use a Image Classifier or Sound Classifier or YOLO or COCOSSD model or PoseNet model , visit Github for documentation.
C# ฟรี tool ตรวจข้อความไทยว่าเป็น ด่า ติหนิ หรือมีคำหยาบคายหรือไม่ Thai sentiment text analytic by Loy (ThaiSenLoy) เป็นไลบรารีพัฒนาด้วย C# .NET Core 3.1 ทำงานได้ใน Windows, macOS และ Linux ใช้ทำแอพได้ทุกชนิด ไม่ต้องเรียกเว็บเซอร์วิส เป็น Nuget package ฝังในแอพของเท่านเรียกใช้งานได้แบบ off-line เรี...
Behemehal® DialogEngine® Assistant communication libary
Run images and in vvvv gamma
A micro library for coding in a functional style using c#. Features Option<T>, Either<T,U>, pattern matching with exatractors, partially applied functions, scalaz inspired Validation<T,U> and various collection methods like fold and reduce.
Machine Learning Framework for easy creation of learners
Learned of boolean labels over boolean features
Open-Source experimental ML algorithms in .NET