Top 20 NuGet menu Packages

This is a simple MonoGame menu.
Console menu system with keyborad arrows and mouse selection
Core management of Buttons, Menu Items, Toolbars and more.
User control that allow put on your Windows Form application a 'navigation tree' like Wordpress admin panel or bootstrap navigation menu
An android slide menu that supports left and right swipes and slides with parallax.
Toolkit that makes working with the Bot Framework simpler.
A Xamarin.Form control for creating an animated circle button menu.
jQuery plugin, provides a simple dropdown button menu (split button). jQuery UI themes compatible.
Cardapio is a Menu package for Umbraco.
A drop menu jQuery plugin.
Sidr is a jQuery plugin for creating side menus and the easiest way for doing your menu responsive. It uses CSS3 transitions in modern browsers and fallbacks into jQuery.animate when they are not supported. For a further description, documentation and others visit: NOT...
Package containg generic database access technology using Entity Framework
Multilevel Silverlight 4.0 menu and context menu. The control provides ease of use and flexibility by using, as template, the standard ListBox most of us are familiar with. It can use existing themes and supports shortcuts, access keys, keyboard navigation and can be wired to one or several elements...
An MVC approach to console applications
Contextual menus for Javascript
Simple menu handler for console applications. Forked from Microsoft Patterns Practices Unity Application Block Samples
A Menu control for Universal Apps, supports Windows Store & Windows Phone 8.1 apps
RadialMenu inspired from OneNote Windows 8 modern app. It allows you to show a nice circular contextual menu. Windows 8
Add XML file to manage menus into English and French
Wpf app-like side menu