Top 20 NuGet menu Packages

Dependency injection modules for Grace that can be used to integrate MvcSiteMapProvider into an existing dependency injection setup. You may customize this configuration to allow for replacement of virtually any part of MvcSiteMapProvider by implementing one of its interfaces and injecting an instan...
A jQuery menu plugin
Sirloin makes it easy to add a hamburger menu to your Windows 10 app. It supports .NET languages, C++, and JS. Find us on GitHub at
Lightway package for creating .net console app with menu.
Configurable, elastic multiple floating action buttons for Xamarin.Android
A Unified Mod Options Page For Modders and Users. Keep all your mod settings in one place!
Mvc Menu Navigation Helper
Custom Navigation Drawer Library for Android
React Hamburger Menu (react-hamburger-menu) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Easily add awesome animated context menu to your Android app.
Creates a floating menu like the app Momo, VtcPay, WePay for Android
Advanced Console Menu for .NET
A ribbon-like toolbar control for use in Silverlight apps.
A rich library of user interface XAML controls for Windows 8 that includes: Radial Menu, Calendar, Color Picker, TextBox, Plain Menu, Time Picker, Rating, UpDown, Expander, Accordion, Breadcrumbs, Layout Transform, Range Slider, Tab Control, Tree View and Flyout
Controls and utilities for Windows 8.1 XAML store applications.
MVC Navigation is a simple service that allows you to easily aggregate navigation items across your mvc areas.
Provide a way for console applications to display a numbered menu.
A single WPF control suite acting as both a Menu and a Ribbon at the same time.
A Radial Menu for Xamarin.iOS.