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ChainLinq is a library for connecting Linq IQueryables with other tools such as API' and libraries.
Package Description
Package Description
基于Dapper的Lambda扩展支持按时间分库分表,也可以自定义分库分表方法,且实体类有T4模版自动生成.省去手写实体类的麻烦 v3.0.2 字段==false解析bug修改 v3.0.1 BaseDBModel改为非抽象类 v3.0.0 支持mysql数据库 v2.0.8 Select支持匿名对象 v2.0.7 加入对with()关键字的支持 v2.0.6 OuterJoin bug修复 v2.0.5 GetList增加无参数接口 v2.0.4 BaseDBModel改为非抽象的 v.2.0.3 1.where条件为常量如1==2的时候会忽略的bug修改 2.Repository.GetL...
Linq.Search provides a way to search collections using a simple query language.
Dynamically applies filtering, sorting, paging, and selecting (projection) to IEnumerable, IQueryable, and DbSet objects using a JSON-friendly spec. See EDennis.NetCore.LinqTools.Tests for examples.