Top 20 NuGet io Packages

Contracts ensuring, Messanging, LINQ expression parser and extension methods, Task Parallel Library helpers, Type auto-mapping for storage and benchmark.
The file sink for Serilog
The rolling file sink for Serilog
CodeJam is a set of handy reusable .NET components that can simplify your daily work and save your time when you copy and paste your favorite helper methods and classes from one project to another.
An abstract/virtual filesystem framework with many built-ins filesystems for .NET
CaveSystems IO Bibliothek
Tools and extensions for IO operations.
.NET library extending stream data reading and writing functionality.
PCL Storage provides a consistent, portable set of local file IO APIs for .NET, Windows Phone, Windows Store, Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, and Silverlight. This makes it easier to create cross-platform .NET libraries and apps.
CAS - Content Addressable Storage I/O.
A .NET library to access files and directories with more than 260 characters length.
General purpose C# code library.
ACR Core Extensions
An email pickup sink for Serilog equivalent to log4net's SmtpPickupDirAppender
The System.IO.TextWriter sink for Serilog
A fast and reliable, (non blocking!), .NET File/Directory watcher, complete rewrite of FileSystemWatcher to ensure speed/acuracy/reliability/suppress duplicate events
A .NET library to access files and directories with more than 260 characters length.
Package Description
.NET library automating binary serialization of classes and structs.
A tiny c# utility for Translate a web-relative path to a filesystem path (useful in scope where there is not a web server, for example inside services).