Top 20 NuGet internationalization Packages

i18N-Complete ASP.NET MVC 4 tools. Real world i18N - .po based localization for Javascript, ASP.NET MVC 4, and ASP.NET WebForms.
Android library to easy change current locale without having to recreate the activity or restart the app
A Money class that supports ISO 4217 currency codes. Uses Banker's rounding and rounds to the precision of currency.
Provides support of plural rule compilation to the IL bytecode.
Core .Net globalization library used by Rhythm Agency.
I18NPortable plugin to support json file formats
Fast Dynamic WPF Localization Framework
The Localization Library localization support for Windows Forms applications.
Deprecated in favor of i18N-Complete. Will be removed soon.
This package contains providers tailored for MVC use (autodetect current locale, resolve current part based on controller/action) as well as the LocalizationHelper. The LocalizationHelper is a rewrite of the HtmlHelper. It has jquery-inspired tag creation and integrates seamlessly with the BLocal f...
The conventional ways oftenfail to suit the needs required for proper localization. BLocal provides a framework for building a clean localization mechanism, together with some powerful standard implementations. Source code and documentation (wiki) available on
Globalization package for ASP.NET MVC applications. The package contains the database resource provider model, which allows you to store resources in database in a really easy way. What is more, a dedicated online tool ( can be used to localize resources.
A simplification of the configuration of location in .net core
The Localization Library basic localization support.
Onism is a high-performance CLDR library for .NET.
ICU4C runtime and dev enviroment package x64 and x86
Framework Internationalization Pack
Localize all your Xamarin.iOS storyboards and xibs automatically with just one line of code!
Easily Localize Ajax Request, Annotate Controllers for Locale In Url Routing. Add localization in website url such that e.g for english language, you can point to /en/login and etc.
Parses Language headers and uses a configuration file to determine code to use.