Top 20 NuGet inotifypropertychanged Packages

common mixins for MixinGenerator
PostSharp Auto-Magic INotifyPropertyChanged done right
Class library for fluent chaining of ViewModel property notifications. Targets .NET Standard 1.0
Tool to add INotifyPropertyChanged support to NHibernate's proxies, enabling their usage with WPF for example.
Framework для поддержки WPF разработки в Rikrop.
A library that provides a type that supports both INotifyPropertyChanged and IObservable<T>.
MVVM extensions designed for .NET Standard with support for async commands, MVVM-friendly Object and Task with support for UI notification.
Makes WPF ViewModel classes smart by default. Implements INotifyPropertyChanged and DelegateCommands for auto properties, recognises dependent properties, connects property changed handlers, triggers validation. Supports virtual properties with Entity Famework.
Let a framework figure out what property needs PropertyChanged fired for.
A simple to use yet powerful implementation of INotifyPropertyChanged.
Automatic implementation of change detection for MVVM properties.
Provides change notifications (INotifyPropertyChanged) for nested data structures (e.g. INotifyCollectionChanged<INotifyPropertyChanged>)
A minimod that provides a base class that implements the INotifyPropertyChanging and INotifyPropertyChanged interfaces
A set of types that extend and enhance the databinding functionality in WPF/Silverlight/WinRT. There is currently only one type: ObservableFilter - A configurable filtered ObservableCollection intended to act as a replacement for filtering that was present in WPF but isn't in WinRT. (For when you d...
Extends the observable collection to track events when a value of a particular element within the collection is changed. The Event Arguments also include the actual object that triggered the event. Twitter: @ovidiaconescu
A micro-library to provide support for easy view model creation and view/view model composition.
Automatic INotifyPropertyChanged and IEditableObject interfaces over any object
Roslyn Analyzer/Generator for avoid boring boilerplate INotifyPropertyChanged implementation.
Feather# - An AOP utility for .NET, based on Mono.Cecil.
IL Rewrite Implement INotifyPropertyChanged