Top 20 NuGet injection Packages

NDI is a small dependency injection container for .NET C# projects that are small or that do not need the complexity of bigger IOC solutions.
A straight forward Dependency Injection and IoC System
StaticDotNet.DependencyInjection.Configuration provides a way to configure services outside of the Startup class.
Simple and lightweight dependency injection container. Supported Xamarin platforms: -Android -iOS -Windows Phone -Windows
Core functionality required by ASP.NET MVC bootstrap building blocks.
The di4es module is dependency injection implementation in JavaScript. Dependency injection is a software design pattern that allows the removal of hard-coded dependencies and makes it possible to change them. With support IE5+ browsers and es6
provides diagnostics and code fixes for uninitialized private fields.
Configuration system for Application (ASP.NET, WPF, UWP, etc). XML or JSON file types are avaliable
Endjin's Composition extensions over Microsoft's DI abstraction
Endjin's Composition extensions over Microsoft's DI implementation
Core Knight Blades for Dependency Injection, used when Coding with Honor!
Dependency Injection utilities for use with DangrLib.
Initial releaseAssistant that will bind all your services, adapters etc. with a single command, while still using any IoC you may wish, or sticking to the default MVC implementation. In your Startup.cs file invoke BindDependencies() on IServicesCollection and pass in required parameters. Every Inte...
OrionInject is a Lightweight and a Simple IOC container
DiConstructorGeneratorExtension for Visual Studio companion library. Containins marker attributes to include\exclude class members to be used with extesnion. The extension itself is available at
Setup defaultimplementations via attributes and support simple and automatic resolution
Defaultimplementation functionality for castle windsor container.
Package Description
Load EmL related classes into the container.
Mef Bootstrapper.