Top 20 NuGet injection Packages

Package to facilitate bootstrapping Reliable Services that require Reliable Collections upon construction.
A lightweight dependency injection container for .NET Core command line applications
Jabberwocky Dependency Injection
Container that creates mocks for all the dependencies of a class.
Simple Object Factory supports Dependency Injection pattern in .NET. SOF simplifies creation of types with chained dependencies. SOF is reflection-based constructor-injection library.
Lightweight IoC container
AutoDI.Container support classes. These are expected to be used with the AutoDI.Container.Fody extension.
K.I.S.S Dependency Injection framework.
Extensions for the Proxii library to easily hook into NLog
.Net Core 2 Dependency Injection Service Wrapper for CheddarGetter API. Extended and updated John Siladie's C# API Wrapper for CheddarGetter (
.NET Core 2.0 registration mechanism to mark and auto register components into IServiceCollection.
Simple .net dependency injection
Open source JIT Dependency Injection. Just another one - we know! But this follows the same design principles of Google's Guice. MIT License Has been used in 20+ Games which have had a combined download of 25M. Production ready!
Dependency Injection and Service registration system
Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection based utility for registering into DI container all public types within an assembly namespace
Autofac integration for the Obvs.MessageDispatcher Framework.
The easy way to modify an assembly from the inside, using Mono.Cecil.
Package that allows to register services to IServiceCollection by using attributes on classes and factory methods.
CIL compiled templates library (Cecil target)