Top 20 NuGet injection Packages

An application framework
Azure Functions bindings to inject your dependencies with ASP.NET Core's IoC container
Azure Functions bindings to inject your dependencies with Unity containers
Azure Functions bindings to inject your dependencies with Autofac
Add extensions that allow consistency lifetime check for services registered into Microsoft's native dependency injection system for .NET Core 2.0
Collection, Class and Test Case Fixture Dependency Injection for xUnit.
StructureMap adapter for CommandLineInjector
Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection DI adapter for CommandLineInjector
Lamar adapter for CommandLineInjector
Autofac adapter for CommandLineInjector
Parameter binding + Dependency Injection for .NET Core console apps.
ASP.NET WebForms adapter for SimpleInjector and .NET Framework 4.7.2 introduction of dependency injection. Based on MIT licensed code for Unity adapter found at
Juhta.Net.Services provides flexible and scalable dependency injection services for an application. This library is a part of Juhta.NET.
Scan and auto-register components in assemblies according to user-specified rules in .NET Core.
Gremlins is a C# Fault Injection tool.
Wrapper for microsoft dependency injection. This implements the interface from my basic library which makes it easy to do dependency injection.
LightCore is a lightweight dependency injection container which can be used as a service locator, too. Despite its simplicity and its lightness there are lots of features to explore. The library was written in C# for .NET 3.5 and above, with an eye on simplicity and clean code (Clean Code Develope...
LightFactory is one of the simplest in use, fastest and most flexible Dependency Injection frameworks
MicroSliver is a micro, non-bloat, non-intimidating and speedy .NET (ASP.NET, Silverlight, RIA Services, WPF, Forms and Metro!) dependency injection container which has just the essentials. Contains dependency injection support for Metro .NET (WinRT) and extensions for Silverlight & Metro MVVM, RIA...
Tiny (500 lines) dependency injection library that will build your object graphs based on code configuration similar to Spring.Net's code configuration policy. Many traditional DI-containers are pretty big and solve too many problems. Containers may be easy to use, but they are complex and not every...