Top 20 NuGet helpers Packages

DotNet Standard Helpers
Is n Open Source and Free Software package for .NET to facilitate the work with strings
A set of helper classes to augment C# functionality such as scheduling, precision formatting, collection conversions, and exception messaging.
Lanymy.Common.Helpers.All 通用辅助类库. 序列化 ; 压缩 ; 数据流加密 ; 文件操作 ; 枚举扩展 ; 沙盒操作 ; 进程 ; 二维码 ; 反射 ; 版本 ; 流水号 ; 验证码 ; CMD命令行操作器 ; ffmpeg辅助类 ; 加密/解密 ;
Library with potentially useful utility functions.
A library that I tend to create for just about every project... contains extensions and other things that I find useful, you might too (or maybe not).
Automatic convention based population of test objects. Also includes a number of useful helper methods such as generating random strings, ints, doubles, generic lists & property types such as email, urls, postalcodes, telephone numbers etc. Multi Language data generation including English, Traditi...
Productivity extensions for building better applications faster.
Provides custom types, helpers and extension methods for Visual Studio extensibility, particularly its Team Foundation part.
Helper library to work with SMS / text messages: • An SMS message part calculator with support for GSM and Unicode • Detect the required SMS encoding • Normalize SMS • Split messages with word wrap
Contains shared dll's and managers for comman .net programming and operations.
.NetCore Custom Report Viewer control to replace MS Report Viewer on MVC projects (*this is for .NetCore projects only*)
Devshed IO Library
Devshed MVC Library
Guard your methods' Ins and Outs. Helpers to add semantics to the optionality of your parameters and results from method calls.
BS3Wrapper is quick helper for build bootstrap interfaces
FFXIVAPP Common Controls and Helpers
Knockout Amd Helpers (knockout-amd-helpers) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
The core library for Brecons Tag Helper - Components and Controls for ASP.NET Core.
This package contains a control consisting of a read-only text field with a header for cross-platform applications built with the the .NET framework with support for UWP, Android, iOS and Xamarin.Forms applications.