Top 20 NuGet helpers Packages

Smart Access, Smart Contact, Smart Extensions, Smart Helpers, Smart Models, Smart Stream
Boilerplate code that can speed up your development
AspNetCore ReCapture Middleware and Html Tags Helpers.
This tool allows to encrypt configuration sections on app.settings files, and decrypt the information in runtime adding those configuration as a singleton inside the application.
Useful and re-usable methods when working in UWP
Common abstractions, extensions and helpers
This package includes .Net Standard converters, extension, helpers... It is part of the Yugen Toolkit.
C# utils libraries contain a collection of reusable models, helper methods and extensions. Specific to Application layer.
Helper library of commonly used extension methods.
The abstractions provide helper logic and types for common ASP.NET Core API tasks.
A set of utilities for UWP projects
This library provides UI components, such as XAML extensions, helpers, converters and more. It is part of the ModernWpf Community Toolkit. Converters: Commonly used converters that allow the data to be modified as it passes through the binding engine. Extensions: - DependencyObje...
DotNet Framework and Core Helpers for Web
Test helper methods and extensions for working with Xamarin Forms xUnit projects.
A collection of extensions, utilities, and helpers that are used to extend the core .NET classes.
A set of controllers to help simplify Process, WMI, Network, and Service calls.
Helper library for streamlined access to data via SP and queries using MySql data provider.
Etsy API implementation made using Refit.
Useful extensions/tools/utils I keep using all over the place. Hit me up (@bscheiman) if you need help.
Common utilities and helpers useful when programming,