Top 20 NuGet helpers Packages

Squidex Hosting Helpers
EonaCat Helpers - Smtp Mail Client and tester - Cipher helper - Benchmark helper - Task helpers (Async commands) - Retry helper - String helper - Stream helper - XML helper - JSON helper - File (Save and Load) helper - 2FA, Barcode and QRCode helper - Gravatar helper - Network Client/Server - EonaCa...
Extensions for standard .NET types like string, DateTime ... (RemoveDiacritics, SafeTrim, ...)
Core utility functions for .Net projects.
This package includes .NET Standard code only helpers such as: - IncrementalLoadingCollection: Simplifies the definition and usage of collections whose items can be loaded incrementally only when needed by the view. - String extensions and array extensions: These extensions make working ...
Provides a set of MVC helper and extension methods for the popular Bootstrap, Gumby and jQuery UI CSS frameworks. Includes other MVC helpers which can be used in core MVC development as well.
This small framework will help you to build forms fast and easy in your UWP apps.
Helper classes for multi layered application
Helpers for .Net development of MVC Application (Translation, Script, cascading select, checkboxlist, iconified, multiselect (with jquery-ui))
A library of general extension methods for many common uses across any .NET project.
This NuGet package contains a helper library to write integration tests for testing Relativity applications. This is a community supported implementation. If this does not meet your needs for your implementation you are invited to contribute to the project.
A set of extension methods that can be used to facilitate the manipulation of date and time solving common dev problems.
Provides some tools to use with Umbraco.
This is a library used in some of Devedse's projects. It contains helpers and other code stuff to build applications.
Boilerplate code that can speed up your development
A set of helper and extension methods to improve the developer's speed in coding.
A collection of helpers and extensions.
Package Description
Package Description
Helper library for common threading requirements.