Top 20 NuGet guard Packages

A library of extension methods to validate arguments.
C# Object Guard Extensions
Shortcut to throw exceptions to make defensive programming fun and more effective. Non intrusive.
Shield clauses for validating and raising exceptions.
Library for expressing side effects by creating a contract for beginning value (arguments). This technique can be referred to as "design by contract", "defense programming" or "guard methods". The Suckless Assert is much faster and simpler than other similar libraries that support fluent API and can...
Just a small, simple and lightweight .NET guard clause extensions library.
Validate input arguments, members or fields with Validate.That(…) call. One-line call per field, no extra classes required. Auto-disovers field name based on expression. Allows extending with own validators as well as overriding validation exception. Check out GitHub for more docs and usage exampl...
This package provides client tools to submit requests the Device Guard Signing service (DGSS). Please read the Microsoft Terms of Use for DGSS included in this NuGet package. Usage of DGSS implies acceptance of these terms.