Top 20 NuGet guard Packages

Saber is a small helper framework that allows you to focus on the main logic behind your code, rather than worry about the little things while having to reinvent the wheel over and over again. The name "Saber" originates from a fictional character from "Fate/stay night". In Fate/stay night, she i...
This is just a collection of classes to help us with our daily programming tasks. Please read all unit tests for usage details.
A fork of CuttingEdge.Conditions but distributed as source code instead of a DLL. Useful for library developers who don't wish to have a package dependency.
Readable and snappy preconditions
Readable preconditions
A class invariants helper library
IsSharp is a guard clause library for C# that provides clean and fluent code with human readable exception messages using expression trees.
Provides various .NET classes to help with development of all types of applications.
Guard Extensions
Lightweight guard / pre-condition / parameter validation library for .NET
Write easy fluent preconditions in methods of your code. The library is provided as it is. Use at your own risk.
A fluent syntax guard class for validating parameter values.
.NET library with lightweight common funcitonality and extensions. A useful Nothing.
Simple guard for properties values
Fail early. Fail often. Guard assertions + code contracts. (Warning: Interface is likely to change wildly between versions. Use with caution.)
Simple guard
EnGarde allows you to validate arguments using a fluent interface, for example: Ensure.That(value, "value").Not.IsNull().And.StartsWith("En").
A fluent syntax guard class for validating parameter values.
Ww - Assertion utilities