Top 20 NuGet generate Packages

Pdf manipulation
MoreComplexDataStructures is a class library containing a collection of data structures (plus related utility classes) more complex than those found in the standard .NET framework. The project currently contains the following data structures and utility classes... WeightBalancedTree<T> - A weight-...
Generate class file library.
Auto create WinForm for class with attributes «FormControlAttribute»
It allows to define in the project items from which nugets should be created. It allows to create nugets from one or from couple projects in the solution. It is simple and flexible way to create nugets. more information on the page in the project Url. Project code can be retrived here https://github...
Make CSVs easier for any object (reference types) or any built in .Net type(strings, ints, booleans, etc), using any enumerable(custom Enumerables, any Collection, any Set, etc).
This project allows you to validate UK Unique Tax Reference (UTR) Numbers. It also allows you to generate valid ones.
String Utils
Using AlmightyPDF to create your first pdf document: 
using almightypdf.Models; using almightypdf.Services;
IPdf pdf = new Pdf(); pdf.CreateAndSavePDF(PdfElements pdfElements); Parameters: String Header
String Body
String Footer
String Stylesheet
Int HeaderHeight
Int FooterHeight
String FileN...
A .NET Standard library which Generates Random Password with using alphabets(Upper&Lower case), numbers, and special characters. as well as you can configure as per your password policy/requirement, like exclude and include numbers/special/alphabets characters.
Generate big numbers; Shuffle numbers simply
Package Description
A collection of C# methods to create random data types e.g. IP Address, Credit Card Numbers etc.