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Repository Generator will generate an entire repository structure for you. All you need to supply a namespace which contains all your Entity Framework models and the will generate repositories for all your models, it will generate a generic repository providing you with basic ...
Contains templates for generating an entire codebase which uses EF6, CQRS, and Aurelia. This set of templates generates: - database entities and repositories (C#) - service models, mappings, interfaces, clients, and controllers (C#) - frontend models and services (TS) All generated code is depende...
Quickly build simple reports in Excel OpenXML format.
Generate gibberish filled objects. Give<Customer>.ToMe() give.Me<Customer>().With(c => c.Address = give.Me<Address>())
Generate Changelog (generate-changelog) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Библиотека с логикой генераций уникальных текстовых, числовых значений; работы с базой данных; работой с веб-сервисами
strong.config provides an automatically-generated, strongly-typed facade for accessing application configuration settings.
lib12 is a library of universal helpers and extensions useful in any .NET project
A command line tool that can be used to generate data for testing or other uses. You provide it with a pattern containing symbols defining the output you want to produce and it will create random data to match that pattern.
[NEW: works with TypeScript] A project to auto-generate JavaScript and TypeScript proxies for ASP.NET MVC and WebApi controllers. With Intellisense, the library provides information for easy writing to ajax requests in JavaScript and in TypeScript for ASP.NET MVC and WEB API applications. The advan...
wkhtmltopdf .net wrapper. To using this wrapper you must install wkhtmltopdf first.
Efuelite Solutions Cryptography package helps developers to generate strong passwords, hashing of passwords and authentication of supplied hash passwords to be used in .Net Applications, This pacakge also encrypts and decrypts text,messages in very secure formats to be transmitted safely through any...
Efuelite Solutions RandomHelper helps to generate random numbers as string used for One time password
CrossGenerate enables organizations to realize their data solutions faster and better by automating the development process and relying on model-driven principles. CrossGenerate generates software using: - Any model that can be exported to XML - Templates developed in well known ETL and DB tools
Generates documentation for Web API 2.0 services
Code.Generation.Roslyn facilitates code generation driven by fit for purpose custom attributes.
Ad Soyad Generate TR - Ebubekir Bastama
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Code128 barcode generator