Top 20 NuGet generate Packages

Package containing cryptography helper functions like Hash Generator and Password Generator
The build-time development dependency that generates code for projects consuming Code Generation attributes.
Provides generic-based JwtToken coder and decoder.
Generate Name Address City ZipCode Color and a lot more (Current Languages: NL BE US)
DoToBase creates tables on SQL Server with your model classes.
Generate data transfer object (DTO) classes from simple T4 templates. Reduce amount of boilerplate code you need to write. Let Visual Studio's T4 templating engine do the work for you.
Contains standard attributes for improving documentation quality. Also contains tools for writing custom attributes and processors
Documentation publisher for .NET Web API projects
Binder is a tool for generating data layers for iOS, Android and other platforms based on your WebAPI Controllers.
A Fluent SQL Generator which allows you to generate Insert, Update and Delete SQL Statements.
Now graphic device in Monogame can generate textures with itself.
Generate the recaptcha for your form and validated it. 1-create Account in google recaptcha 2-get publickey/privatekey 3-set key in webconfig : ReCaptchaPrivateKey / ReCaptchaPublicKey 4- add "@using GenRecaptcha" in your View 5- add htmlhelper in the view: 5-1- @Html.recaptcha() 5-2- @Html.Va...
Test Data Generation Library
Pdf Generation
Pdf Generation
Pdf Generation
Pdf manipulation
Pdf manipulation
Pdf manipulation