Top 20 NuGet games Packages

ThinkGearNET is a library for easy usage of the Neurosky Mindset headset from .NET .
Managed Library for Nintendo's Wiimote
Retrieves metadata for Windows games using, receiving the game's .lnk shortcut path as input.
The goal of this project is to allow C# developers who intend to use the Riot Games Web API to pull data from the server easily without worrying about syntax, interface names, method names and parameters. This portable class library is designed to be intuitive, robust and will hopefully help develop...
Engine for creating online multiplayer games! Using: SignalR for communication
A Minecraft RCONServer to script and control the virtual world.
Unobtrusive Finite State Machine specifically designed for games. See project URL for instructions on use.
Unobtrusive Cache for games and business applications
A minimal and extensible tweening library intended to use with game engines - MonoGame, XNA, FNA, Unity and others.
C# Standard Library used to make console games in C#
Fork of the DX9 Overlay API Wrapper by JohnnyCrazy
Skeleton UnityEngine.UI.
Skeleton UnityEngine.Timeline.
Skeleton UnityEngine.Networking.
Skeleton UnityEngine.
Skeleton UnityEditor.
A simple library to create games using Monogame.
Skeleton UnityEngine.VehiclesModule for KSP modding.
Skeleton UnityEngine.TextRenderingModule for KSP modding.