Top 20 NuGet games Packages

Pipeline tool for building CocosSharp's Content on Windows.
The SDK provide a quick and easy to use interface to add Xbox Controller inputs into your UWP (Universal Windows Platform )
Core classes from CocosSharp.dll to be referenced from any project in a solution instead of monstrous CocosSharp.PCL.Shared with tons of polluting references.
UrhoSharp is a lightweight Game Engine suitable for using with C# and F# to create games that run on Android, iOS, Mac, Windows and Unix. The game engine is available as a portable class library, allowing your game code to be written once and shared across all platforms. UrhoSharp is powered by Urho...
LeagueOfLegends.NET is a library for League of Legends, a game by Riot Games.
Package Description
A .NET Standard library for playing cards (standard and custom), draw piles and shuffling.
Fast serialize into compressed bits.
Skeleton UnityEngine.PhysicsModule for KSP modding.
YukiNet is a Networkframework for Games. First version only for Unity Engine.
A .NET Standard library for dice, including standard and custom dice.
An API wrapper for
Data structures and utilities that may be useful in a number of hex based games
A generic model for tilemaps based on the TMX Map Format used by the Tiled Map Editor. Provides a TMX parser for maps with a minimum TMX version of 0.15. Supports the entire spec (currently up to version 1.0) besides terrain types.
Window/panel display utility library written with roguelike/2D game development in mind, on top of the C# full color console library RLNET.
Fork of the ClojureCLR compiler and runtime used in the Arcadia project
This simple library allows you to programmatically query the Epic Games store front. The response is modeled similar to the output from their GraphQL API endpoint. Both sync and async calls are supported. See Github project for a sample project.
Simple to use implementation of Faceit Data Api Version 4. You can use it for commercial and non commercial use (MIT LICENSE). Have fun :D
Object Data Structure is a fast byte based file format designed for video games.
Engine for creating online multiplayer games fast! Using: SignalR for communication